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Techflow Pack Vffs Machine Manufacturers - 1
Techflow Pack Vffs Machine Manufacturers - 2
Techflow Pack Vffs Machine Manufacturers - 3
Techflow Pack Vffs Machine Manufacturers - 4
Techflow Pack Vffs Machine Manufacturers - 5

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Product details of the vffs machine manufacturers

Product Overview

vffs machine manufacturers is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It has advantages such as stable performance, reliable quality, flexible operation, high firmness, and long-lasting durability. It receives trust and support from many customers. Monitored production process: the production process of Techflow Pack vffs machine manufacturers is strictly and constantly monitored. A 24 hours shift system is carried out to ensure high-efficiency production. The products are distinguished by reliable quality, stable performance and long service life. vffs machine manufacturers is widely used in the production, processing, and packaging of various types of food. 上海利湃机械设备有限公司 evolves each day to meet the dynamic needs of this industry.

Product Introduction

Techflow Pack's vffs machine manufacturers has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality.

Product Description

Automatic VFFS Powder Packaging Machine also called VFFS powder filler or VFFS powder packaging machine, is mainly used for powdery or fine granule products auto forming filling sealing by the packaging roll film. The working method is the screw conveyor linked to the VFFS machine to get powdery materials auto infeeding and conveying into Auger Filler's hopper, with screw running to auto dosing the product into pouch for auto forming filling and sealing. According to the pouch or bag's shape, there are some types bag to produce on the VFFS machine such as Pillow bags, Gusset Bags, Standing Box Bags. And the packing speed could be adjustable according to the production capacity from 30-80bags per minute.

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VFFS Powder Packing Machine is the most common dosing equipment in the powder metering and powder packaging industry. It's suitable for filling and dosing a variety of powders or fine particles such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder, tapioca flour, seasoning powder, chemical powder and other materials into pillow bags or gusset bags with auto forming and sealing. It's widely used in food, condiments, seasoning,coffee, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries

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Technical Features 01

Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to compose the drive control center which maximize the whole machine's control precision,reliability and intelligentized level.

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Technical Features 02

Equipped with safety protection, comply with firm's safety management requirements.Use intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature, which ensures the artistic and neat seal.

Technical Features 03

With error indicating system , which help to handle the trouble immediately.Make pillow bags and hanging bags in terms of customers' different requirements.

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Technical Features 04

The unique mechanical structure can adapt to a variety of packaging materials, especially for the single-layer PE film, which can significantly save the cost of consumables.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model


Metering method

Screw quantitative

Bag's application size

(L)80-300mm, (W)80-200mm

Production capacity

Max 80pcs/min

Filling volume

100-5000ml(by screw changover)

Gas pressure

6-8 kg/cm2 0.3m3/min

Power supply

220/380V 50-60Hz, 3.5Kw

Machine dimension


Machine weight


Basic Configuration 





Main motor



Vibrating motor



Material Level sensor 



Vibrating inverter



Vacuum pump


Company Introduction

上海利湃机械设备有限公司 has been in the vffs machine manufacturers sector for several years. The products are quality controlled in each step of production. 上海利湃机械设备有限公司 has been striving for higher status in the industry of vffs machine manufacturers. Get quote!
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