Techflow Pack has been a professional automatic packaging machine manufacturer since 2006.

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Techflowpack provide reliable & win-win service

Techflowpack provide reliable and win-win service from the project start to optimize the technology designing positioning on the production efficiency improved&production cost saved by friendly Man-Machine interface,easy operation&flexible changeover as well as the smaller footprint.

Product's features and specifications, packaging materials specifications-Plastic film, carton, shrink film, etc.
Techflowpack's professional technical team will provide the optimal designing with CAD and 3D drawings. And give the better recommendation of equipment selection.
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Send us your sample, we will timely feedback you the packing effect with the whole testing process.
We have good cooperation and experiences for FAT.
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Experienced engineer&technician could go abroad for site installation, commissioning and training.
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We build and deliver the reliable and stable OEM packaging equipment to fit smoothly running Integration packing line.
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Service Process

Pre-sale Service

Analysis of the most real needs of customers
  Analysis of material morphology and characteristics-Composition, fluidity, bulk density, humidity of the material etc.
  Analysis of product packaging style-Bagging, Canning,Bottling,Cartoning or promotional Cluster Packaging etc.
  Clarify the packaging specifications and production capacity , such as: bag size, can size, box size, filling speed, etc.
  Analysis of existing problems- customers show the existing material photos, packaging photos and on site photos or videos
Specify a preliminary proposal
 For conventional materials-inform the customer of equipment selection and approximate purchase budget
  Special materials or products-please provide corresponding samples for testing.
 For Integrated project or special customized equipment, our designing department will give a preliminary planning draft drawing or schematic diagram with rough budget.
 For whole line or system project, our engineers will go to the site to conduct product information comparison and packaging site survey to accurately determine the final installation layout.
Order Processing Service
◎ The order execution schedule will be submitted within 2 weeks after the order is executed, and the whole process of equipment manufacturing and assembly will be fed back in real time by email or WhatsApp.
◎ For OEM orders, customers must provide a full set of LOGO information within 2 weeks, touch screen menu format, operation language etc. If production is made to drawing, please provide a full set of drawings
◎ Once the equipment is assembled, a preliminary energizing test will be carried out.
◎ According to the contract, if the customer needs to provide original materials/samples or designated similar samples for testing, the samples must be delivered to our factory within one-third of the delivery cycle agreed in the contract.
◎ We support both online and offline testing and acceptance.The online test will be carried out according to the video conference, including: equipment appearance, equipment actual installation size, equipment materials and configuration, equipment automatic operation test, jog test, and capacity test per unit time etc. Customers can also go to our workshop for on-site testing and acceptance. In case of defects, the equipment will be corrected as necessary and tested again until acceptance is completed.
◎ All equipment exports are packed in wooden boxes with fumigation plywood.According to the contract or customer requirements, the corresponding marks are marked on the outer surface of the wooden box.
◎ OEM equipment should be attached to the designated position of the equipment according to the nameplate LOGO according to the contract before delivery.
◎ We will cooperate with the designated freight forwarder or recommend a strong freight forwarder according to customer needs to help customers optimize the transportation mode to improve shipping efficiency.
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Service Process

After-sale Service

Customs clearance and certification documents
 According to the contract or customer requirements, provide the corresponding customs clearance documents such as invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates of origin, Quality certification documents etc. within the specified time.
Equipment Warranty 
 Offer consumers a free one-year quality guarantee and free replacement components in the event that equipment quality issus arise(Non-human factors).
  The equipment provides lifelong maintenance, and after the warranty period, the replacement of equipment wearing parts or spare parts is only charged at cost.
Installation, Commissioning and Training
  According to the contract or at the customer's request, we arrange remote video guidance or on-site installation and commissioning.For OEM standard equipment, mainly through remote video guidance for installation and commissioning. 
  For non-standard equipment or whole line projects, engineers will be arranged to assist customers in completing equipment installation, commissioning and operation training.
  Paying regular visits to customers, suggesting equipment maintenance, and providing the most recent technological advancements.
Production Process
It insists on the OEM and regional agency cooperation mechanism of mutual benefit and win-win, empowering small and medium-sized enterprises to realize one-stop purchasing and product value-added of packaging.
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Looking for automatic packing machines? partner with the best.
If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team. Provide unique experiences for everyone involved with a brand. 
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TECHFLOWPACK as its registered brand is a major high-quality packaging machine manufacturer, specialized in Auger Filler, Case Packer as well as the Integrated end of packing systems.
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