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Palletizer and Depalletizer

Palletizer and Depalletizer is a general term for depalletizers and palletizers, and is also often referred to as depalletizing equipment. In the packaging industry, with the continuous increase of labor costs and the continuous growth of the business volume of enterprises, the application of depalletizers and palletizers is becoming more and more extensive. Automated depalletizer machine and palletizer machine can well replace labor and effectively save labor costs. At the same time, automated machinery can also complete many packaging actions efficiently, reduce manual participation, and improve production efficiency and production safety. With the continuous development and maturity of technology, the price of depalletizers has also become cheaper, so the range of applications has become more and more extensive. According to the difference in packaging form and mode of action, it can be divided into layers palletizing, high-level palletizing, low-position depalletizing, and high-level depalletizing. With the wide application of industrial robots in automatic packaging lines, the robot depalletizer machine and robot palletizer machine correspond to the traditional mechanical depalletizing machine and mechanical palletizer.

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