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Fully automatic case packers play an important role in the seasoning industry


Fully automatic case packers play an important role in the seasoning industry 1

In recent years, the growth of China's condiment industry is more than 30% every year, there are more than 2,000 condiment production enterprises in China, the market share is relatively concentrated, with the emergence of new and large-scale production enterprises in the condiment industry, some traditional packaging methods have been unable to meet the production needs of enterprises. However, from the current point of view, due to the obstacles of market, sales and capital, except for some large-scale enterprises, most condiment companies can not be realized, so they can only rely on automatic packing machines to achieve packing.

The person in charge of professionals in the industry said: "Due to the constraints of many factors such as enterprise scale, equipment, technology, plant area, etc., many condiment companies now generally have a mismatch between production and packing, and the packing capacity is less than the production capacity, so in most cases, this problem can only be solved by reducing the production speed to meet the packaging speed, which reduces the production efficiency." At the same time, there are also many industry professionals said that with the increase of national supervision and the intensification of competition between enterprises, it is an inevitable development trend for condiment companies to rely on automatic packing machines to achieve packaging.

Fully automatic case packers play an important role in the seasoning industry 2

At present, in the condiment industry, most powder and granule products will choose the bag packaging form of four-side seal, back seal, back-seal stand-up bag and three-side seal. In the form of these bags, the four-side sealed packaging bags are more and more favored by condiment companies with their many advantages such as smoothness and beauty. At present, in chicken essence, soup flavoring, as well as some powder, granular high-grade condiments, four-side sealing packaging bags are widely used. The popularity of this form of packaging is bound to directly cause an increase in the demand for four-side sealing packaging equipment, and the high-speed, large-capacity four-side sealing high-speed packaging machine will have a lot of room for development. Therefore, the automatic packing machine plays an important role in the seasoning industry.

Fully automatic case packers play an important role in the seasoning industry 3

It is reported that the mainstream development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in the future is that on the one hand, it is necessary to emphasize energy saving, recyclability, reduce raw material consumption and intelligent equipment in the production process, and on the other hand, it is required to add more automation functions to products. Information from the China Food Industry Association shows that the National Development and Reform Commission has listed food processing and packaging machinery as a key priority area for the development of the food industry, and for a long time in the future, the annual growth rate of China's food processing and packaging machinery is expected to exceed 12%.

Fully automatic case packers play an important role in the seasoning industry 4

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