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Application Of Temperature Change Ink In Cola Aluminum Can Packaging


Application Of Temperature Change Ink In Cola Aluminum Can Packaging 1

What is a temperature-varying ink?

Temperature-changing ink is a special ink that can change color according to temperature changes. 

What's the principle of temperature-varying inks?

The color change principle of temperature-changing ink is mainly based on its main component - thermochromic microcapsule pigments. This pigment consists of a special dye wrapped in a microcapsule that undergoes physical or chemical changes when a specific temperature threshold is reached. For example, when the temperature rises, some components in the dye may undergo phase changes (such as solid to liquid) or structural changes. These changes cause changes in the dyes' absorption and reflection properties of light, giving them a different color to the human eye.

A variety of temperature-varying inks provide enhanced visual effects

Application Of Temperature Change Ink In Cola Aluminum Can Packaging 2

In the past, it was common to combine one or two thermovarying inks to indicate temperature changes on packaging, however, Coca-Cola Turkey used four separate temperature-varying inks for the first time to create eye-catching designs when the jar was cool and the drink was ready to drink. This new approach to using temperature-varying inks as decorative tools demonstrates the potential to further innovate and expand their applications in the packaging industry。

Visually appealing and interactive design

Application Of Temperature Change Ink In Cola Aluminum Can Packaging 3

Coca-Cola Turkey's packaging design for Coke Red and Coke Zero beverage cans features summer themes such as ice cubes, palm trees, sandals and sailboats. At room temperature, these images are colorless, and when the drink is cool and suitable for drinking, they become colorful patterns.

Environmental impact of temperature-varying inks

Application Of Temperature Change Ink In Cola Aluminum Can Packaging 4

While temperature-varying inks add novel visual effects to packaging, they also spark discussion about their impact on the environment. Temperature-varying inks are mainly composed of polymer microcapsules, pigments and resins. In fact, compared with traditional inks, temperature-varying inks produce fewer harmful substances in the manufacturing process, thanks to the raw materials used and the improvement of production processes. However, due to the impact of its production process, it is still necessary to be aware of the negative environmental impact that it may have in the process of waste disposal, recycling and production, and continue to work on research and development of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The introduction of temperature-varying inks as a decorative tool into promotional packaging at Coca-Cola Turkey paved the way for future innovation in the packaging industry. As Matt Twiss, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East, explains: Temperature-changing ink technology conveys a fresh and playful message in a beautiful, innovative way, while encouraging consumers to interact with brands at the point of sale and during the drinking process. In the future, temperature-changing inks may further penetrate into other fields and bring consumers a richer product experience.

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