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Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 1
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 2
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 3
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 4
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 1
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 2
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 3
Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture 4

Customsmall Case Erector Techflow Pack Manufacture


Product details of the small case erector

Product Overview

small case erector is deeply favored by customers for reasonable structure, stable performance, good quality, and long-lasting durability. Each production phase of Techflow Pack small case erector is strictly supervised. This product has passed a series of international certifications. small case erector is widely used in the food industry, including the production, processing, and packaging of all types of food. Bearing the spirit of craftsmanship in mind, Techflow Pack only offers the most delicate small case erector for you.

Product Information

Supported by advanced technology, Techflow Pack has a great breakthrough in the comprehensive competitiveness of small case erector, as shown in the following aspects.

Product Description

Automatic case sealing machine is one of the components of automatic case packing production line, its working principle like the following: product is sent to the sealing machine through the conveyor chain (belt, roller), and handed over to the box delivery mechanism, and the two sides of the carton are clamped by the clamping belt and move forward. After the folding mechanism receives the photoelectric signal, the folding pages at the front and rear ends of the carton are automatically bent back by the folding mechanism, the folding covers at the left and right ends are automatically bent to the middle through the guide rod, and the tape is automatically pasted along the center line, at the same time, the press box belt pulls the carton forward to run forward to complete the sealing action. 

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Automatic Flap Folding Carton sealing machine is mainly suitable for sealing and packaging of cartons, which can be operated stand-alone or used with assembly lines, and is widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, medicine, chemical and other industries. The sealing machine adopts tape to seal the carton, which is economical and quick and easy to adjust, and can complete the automatic sealing action at one time, such as the use of printing tape, which can improve the product image. 

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Technical Features 01

Using imported sealing machine accessories new patented tape applicator, no blower blowing tape, the use of patented tablet pressing device, so that the tape will stand up without bending and causing it to not be pasted, and the sealing packaging is convenient.

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Technical Features 02

Sealing tape manufacturers independently innovate large-scale transmission wheel design, increase the bending arc, increase the belt contact area, the belt will not slip, and the service life increases, and the sealing machine technology is very mature. The main drive mechanism of the professional sealing machine uses a special peling seat with high precision and low noise to increase the service life of the belt.

Technical Features 03

Flexible changeover for different carton sizes, very short time to complete mechnical structure changeover(3mins);Easy fit for current existing lines to get production automation upgrading.

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Technical Features 04

Easy fit for current existing lines to get production automation upgrading;safety door as optional,out of tape with alarm alert.Automatic error message display provides convenient shooting trouble.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model 


Tray/Box Size


Production capacity 

Max30 pcs/min

Gas consumption


Gas pressure


Power supply 

380V/220V;50-60Hz, 0.3Kw

Machine dimension 


Machine weight 


Basic Configuration 





Photo sensor 



Main motor



Electronic parts



Pneumatic parts



Main structure 

Carbon steel with painting

Company Information

Thanks to the well-designed factory, Techflow Pack guarantees the mass production and on-time delivery of small case erector. With our excellent technology, small case erector has good quality and superior performance. Above and beyond the product needs, we strive to establish global logistics and support network to continuously deliver the extra services customers require to make their projects a success. Please contact us!
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